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Financial Advisor Sales Leads:
In your financial advisory business, who matters most and who do you put your time and effort into building relationships with?

If you’re not sure, or you do know who matters most, but have no idea how to reach them effectively, then you need to change what you’re doing. Perfect Client will help you start looking at your business and how you drive sales leads from a different perspective. Once you’re done with the Perfect Client system, you’ll wonder why everyone is still hunting sales leads the old-fashioned way.

Currently, most financial advisors still generate leads the old, standard way. In a nutshell, financial advisors hunt for their clients, particularly the wealthy end-user clients, by asking for referrals and by conducting dinner seminars or other end-user focused marketing events. Unfortunately, it’s harder for financial advisors to get the kill now as clients are becoming increasingly weary of financial professionals (who they see as salespeople in hot pursuit) in light of the changing economy and are quick to distrust what financial advisors are saying. This mindset with clients is also making it harder for finance professionals to keep the clients they do have. Those clients would rather get unbiased advice, which typically leads them back to their CPA. That’s one of the many reasons it’s so hard nowadays for financial advisors to convert new sales leads.

It’s time for a new way of doing business and Perfect Client is here to guide you through that solution. Instead of searching for referrals and conducting a seemingly never-ending cycle of prospecting through cold calling and expensive dinner seminars that often don’t end in success, you can instead lead your business into the future of finance by focusing on Centers of Influence (COIs).  These COIs, that are usually CPAs, Tax Attorneys and sometimes Private Bankers help make most of the important decisions for their affluent clientele and protect them from aggressive financial salespeople. Your new sales leads strategy, with the help of Perfect Client, is to become the primary, critical relationship to these COIs, eliminating the competition and accessing their top tier clients. This way, you can leave the old lead generation system behind, which over the last few years has delivered poor results in generating closed deals. Perfect Client has revolutionized the industry with an approach that is completely unique and is more importantly irresistible to the COIs you want to attract.

Stop scrambling to sell more to an ever shifting roster of clients. Instead, build the relationship with the COI by serving the interests of the COI first, and let them bring business to you. The COI already has the desirable clients, and the COIs have massive inefficiencies that the Perfect Client System is designed to solve in an elegant and revolutionary fashion. Your new strategy is to let them keep those clients – you don’t want them. What you do want is a strong relationship with the COI you can leverage into new business from top end users who will want to use your services because their most trusted advisor (the COI) trusts you. Plus, you don’t even need to spend time managing the end-user relationships, which Perfect Client Graduates refer to as brain damage. The COI does that.  You, on the other hand, are left with more time to spend with family, friends, and whatever is most important to you; all while bringing in more business than ever before.

By building your business organically, you eliminate expensive marketing techniques, get rid of unnecessary prospecting stress, and build the revenue and success of your business. If finding new success by being ahead of the industry curve sounds appealing to you, look into joining the next Perfect Client 3-day training event. Not only will you learn how to reach out to and partner with the right COIs, you’ll also receive ongoing support as you build your new way of doing business.

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